Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Another Day, Another Shutout

I really don't want to talk about today's game. So, here are the matchups for the Silver Boot finale in Arlington:

: Roy O (6-3, 3.26 ERA, 69 K, 20 BB) vs. Vincente Padilla (6-5, 4.76 ERA, 75 K, 39 BB)
Satuday: Wandy (8-5, 4.79 ERA, 63 K, 45 BB) vs. John Wasdin (1-0, 3.38 ERA, 5 K, 3 BB)
Sunday: Buchholz (4-6, 5.81 ERA, 55 K, 20 BB) vs. Millwood (8-4, 4.47 ERA, 75 K, 22 BB)

I did some analysis and didn't find much interesting, but I did the work and have to tell someone. It may not feel like it, but the Astros are scoring about as many runs this month as they have all season.

April - 125 runs in 24 games = 5.2 per
May - 123 runs in 30 games = 4.1 per
June - 112 runs in 25 games (1 left) = 4.5 per

The offense is still scoring at the same pace as earlier in the season it seems. So, why does it feel like the wheels are about to fall off? Probably teams are figuring out Buchholz and Nieve and Wandy... and Pettitte, apparently. Probably the bullpen. Probably a few more things, but I think the thing to watch is how the team enters the All-Star break. 10 games left to play. Will they continue to not score runs and pitch poorly, or will everything start to click so they can enter the 2nd half with some momentum? I'll be at the Cardinals game next Saturday in Houston, and we should have a better idea by then.

In other news, Garner was suspended one game for throwing a chair on the field Monday. Will anything be able to fire up the offense? Arlington's supposed to be a hitter's park, will it matter? Will the Astros even get a runner past second base?

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

why bullpen why

The 'Stache pulls Roger in the 7th with one out, after consecutive walks to Carlos Guillen and Magglio, and brings in Wheeler to face Craig Monroe. And with the bullpen's recent sucky-ness, I could feel what was coming next.... Monroe doubles, 1 run scores, another on Everett's throwing error. Why not let Clemens pitch out the jam? He'd only thrown 84 pitches through 7 and a third.

C'mon 'Stache, let the veteran you pay so much for his greatness be great and pitch out of the jam. Clemens sinker should be better than any of Wheeler's pitches at inducing a double play. Great, a 3rd run just scored for the Tigers. What is up with the bullpen?

Last year, relievers not named Duckworth and John Franco gave up 138 earned runs in 372 1/3 IP for a 3.34 ERA. This year, through 77 games (not including today's game), the bullpen has given up 107 earned runs in 210 innings for a 4.59 ERA.

Lidge alone has given up 22 earned runs so far this season, compared with 18 all of last year. Something is broken.... still!

Flush After Tinkering

Sunday night I vowed no Astros for a week. Then they pulled-off the improbable extra inning win in Chitown, and the fact they are one good week away from first place and the bait tempts and lures me in towards a puntured cheek.

Here is El Jefe's desired lineup for the next two weeks, with alterations for days off up until the All-Star break.
Let BURKEMANN do its thing with Lamb getting on and willy t just bunting bunting and infield singling. It's a strange spot for Biggio, but maybe he whips up new magic down in the order? Plus a bunt hit is as good as a walk. Run Willy and Burke!

Willy T - CF (Biggio)
Laaaaamb - 1B
Burke - LF/CF/2B
Berkman - RF
Ensberg - 3B
Biggio - 2B (Whiffman or Walkman)
Everett - SS (Bruntlett)
Ausmus - C (Munson)

To end, is Munson doing better than Lostmus right now? I love Brad as a player, but did anyone think he'd hit near .300? IT was only time until he was .250 again. Further, Wilson is knocking in runs, but oh the outs, though he is close to same production as Ensberg.

Monday, June 26, 2006

tossing the 'stache

Garner just got tossed for arguing a close call at 1B. It looked like he wanted to keep arguing until he got thrown out. Something to fire up the team, perhaps. The 'Stache was angry. It argued for a while, then threw its hat on the ground and was promptly booted. nice. Berkman was out, but it was close.

And then on the first pitch after the arguing, Munson knocks a dinger. Time for a new pitcher. C'mon come back!!

helluva trip

Way to go El Jefe, your presence at US Cellular Field last night averted a kick in the nuts for the Astros. They finally beat the ChiSox. Starting today, the Astros are set for a 3-spot against the Tigers in Detroit, after losing the Chicago series 2-1. The 'Stache is looking for revenge after being fired by the Tigirls back in 2002. Granted, his firing was justified after going a combined 145 - 185, winning % of .440 over two full seasons and 6 losses in 2002

Going from the second best team in baseball to the first bestest is going to be a challenge for sure, but should be damn fun to watch.

Here are the matchups:
Monday: Wandy (8-4, 4.45, 59 K, 44 BB) vs Zach Miner (3-1, 2.08, 13 K, 7 BB)
Tuesday: Roger (0-1, 3.60, 4 K, 2 BB) vs Nate Robertson (7-3, 3.38, 66 K, 33 BB)
Wednesday: Pettitte (6-8, 5.75, 78 K, 35 BB) vs Justin Verlander (9-4, 3.39, 58 K, 31 BB)

Something sad that's worth mentioning is that the Astros are tied for the 4th worst road record in all of baseball. Not good company to be in, although the Indians are bound to get hot and reverse their problems.

Road Record:
Pittsburgh 8-31
Kansas City 9-30
Milwaukee 12-22
Cleveland, Baltimore and Houston tied at 13-22

A few trends that are reassuring yet unassuring from the ChiSox series. (1) The Astros averaged 6 1/3 runs per game against the team that's got a mighty fine pitching staff. BUT, the Tigers have the best team ERA in the league at 3.54. (2) Chris Burke continues to contribute in the top of the lineup. 5 hits, 3 runs, 1 HR, 3 RBI in the ChiSox series, all while batting 2nd or 3rd in the lineup. BUT, he's been playing CF mostly and will Willy's recent heroics earn him his starting spot back?

Yet again, the Astros have more good players than starting spots, and again have to decide who gets the playing time. It's a trend we've spotted and deemed The D-Wardinization of Astros Prospects, but that is a separate column altogether.


God sent me to U.S. Cellular field Sunday night. To test my faith. And by God, I mean Baseball God 4, of which there are at least 8 baseball gods.

If the White Sox had completed the 3-game sweep to make it a clean 7-0 septopus in the last seven games, - including those four that counted last fall - I would have mentioned beatings, throwing things, peeing on cars, and general anarchistic acts of male anxiety and disbelief for probably the next four to 253 months, give or take.

Thank-you Willy T for saving the game. Thank you a Mike Scott million.
If the 12 steps of Astrodom are to be, well, I saw most of them tonight. (Most of it came down to Why? and How?)

No way Roy-O lets the Astros lose this game. Not this game. No matter the calender date, no matter each team's record, Roy could not let the Astros lose to the White Sox again. To lose would signal absolutely zero percent chance of WINNING a world series this year, regardless of their NL results. Roy would not let it happen, and he should have went nine no matter if it were 2-1 or 19-1. Joe Crede can erase a 19-1 lead to 6-2 and then hit a five-run game-winning homerun. Trust me. Beyond pulling Roy, even at 9-1 in the eighth, I never felt comfortbable, never felt the Astros believed they were going to win THIS game. And Memorbable Grand Slam Number Four occurs. Konerko, Pods, Crede, Icguchi. Really? Has any team hit that many grand slamos in so few games against a team?

Oh my many feet of guts feel run-over.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sox Full of Bricks

Extra innings and a man on second with no outs. Pierzynski comes to pinch-hit, and this can play out two ways. Both managers executed their plan as they desired, and the better plan won the game. The beating continues.

Either the 'stache pitches with some *%&%*&*^ balls to A.J. and tries for an out, or assumes A.J. will hit the game-winner and throws an intentional walk to set-up this sequence, which is obvious when you walk A.J.:
1) Ozzie calls for a sac-bunt from Uribe to end up with 2nd and 3rd and one out. According to both plans so far.
2) Podsednik being walked for bases-loaded, one-out situation, all in an effort to get a double-play.
Yup that's what Garner was looking for when walking A.J. since he played the infield for a sac-bunt when Uribe was up, and then he walked Pods. What else could have happened when 'stache walked A.J.???

So the only part of the plan that differed was getting the double-play, or getting the game winner.
Ozzie continues to throw it all out there and go for the win. The 'stache went with the odds once again, and didn't gamble.

Was Qualls the best option to pitch to Crede with the bags full when he hadn't thrown one pitch, or was Buccholz the better option who had retired Crede and was in the flow of the game?
Let Buchholz pitch with the bases loaded, as he will only gain confidence and mature if he is in situations to gain confidence and mature, like pitching the bags full with a four run lead.

Furter, take a risk and let Willy steal everytime he is on. Do not hold him up for fear of a caught stealing or taking the bat out of someone's hands. The bats need some help. And the show of confidence is huge. It's the only way he'll become and elite base stealer, and the Astros need every extra base they can grab right now.


Last season Andy Pettitte claimed he never felt totally healthy, completely recovered and at ease. Working with less than 100% health, he crafted pitches time and time again as the best pitcher after the all-star break.

This season, Pettitte proclaimed in spring training and many times since that he feels healthy now, healthier than he has in a long, long time. In other words, this feeling is somewhat alien and it will take time for Pettitte to hone his craft with the healthier physical body.

All his weapons, tools, and mechanics are back in line. This in itself could be the cause of Pettitte's pretty sorry 2006 season to this point. He looks crisp, is getting other batters out often, but the homeruns and long at-bats are wrecking him. You can see it on his face, in his quotes, it is not adding up for him or to him. Most fans are right along with Pettitte, it seems he should be having a great season.

When all Pettitte had was 87 mph fastballs, he had to really pitch. Not that he didn't before, but when was before? 1999? 2001? When was he completely healthy?
Maybe the key to a great rest of the season is for him and Jim Hickey to find that balance between the two pitching Pettitte's. Strong arsenal, healthy again Pettitte he's unaccustomed to and the form he had last year when he just had to pitch his ass off.

I hope the two Pettitte's will meld in time for a run to October once again.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Yankee Dooble (Play, that is)

There was an old joke between Mike and me back from when the Braves dominated the Astros in the playoffs.
When the stros' had a man on 1st, regardless of the situation yet especially true with 1st and 3rd with one out, you knew what was coming.

Double Play.
That streak snapped and the Astros prevailed. However the number of pull-hitting, double-play grounding Astros remains astonishing. In fact, other than Lance and Burke, and occasionally the quicker guys because they leg it to first, most of the clutch situations seem DOOOOMED for a double play. Or something hit to the left side.

Thank you, WGN

After watching a rehash of last year's World Series for 30 minutes on WGN here tonight it finally occured to me the biggest difference between the Astros and White Sox. Now, and then. And why I am not terribly destraught by the White Sox win.
The Astros hoped they could win. Now they hope they will win.
The White Sox knew they would win. They carried it around on the field, on the mound, and in the box, as they are doing now. They are beatable, but they don't believe that.
The Astros seem to "hope" a lot that things will just turnaround. Hey, I hope that as well, and I do believe they'll be in the playoffs again this year.
It came down to a sliver of confidence difference. Same reason Dwayne Wade owns a championship and Dirk does not.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

On deck circle...

before I even read about Roger's start and all the Astros' hitters quotes, I can guess what tomorrow's stories will bring...
The hitters saying that "Liriano placed the ball well, had great stuff, we just didn't get a good look at him, he had our number..." blah blah blah and so on.
Seen it a million times, heard it even more.
It's called waiting for a pitch to hit. when the guy in front of you walks, take a pitch.
When Roger just threw a lot of pitches, take a pitch. Work the count.
THere's a reason the Twins got Roger out in 5 innings at 100 pitches and someone who is not even close to as good as Clemens went 8 inn at around 97 pitches...THE HITTERS!!
The Twins took, and took, and took and waited for Clemens to put a pitch across that was hittable.
Biggio, Lane, PKW 4, Ausmus, Lane, Ensberg, Everett, Lane, PKW 4, and of course, Lane all just kept chasing and whiffing and chasing and whiffing.
No matter that Lane hit a 310 foot homerun, that was a fly out that he barely got ahold of.
If he feels good about that hit, well, that explains his season, average, and career to date.
Good lineups make themselves good, they don't just hope things turn out.
Seize the day. No you seize the day. No! You seize the day!

Ride Rocket Ride

One rectangular piece of rubber raised on a mound of dirt has the world's attention tonight.
OK, maybe the man that is going to stand on it has the focus, overshadowing the pitching rubber's glory for a third straight year.
That's right, Roger (or Rajjerr in Texan) is ready to catapult off those hopefully healthy hammy's and take us Astros fans on a ride of buzz and joy that only 10 shots of whiskey usually produces.
The game's on ESPN for all our loyal readers (that's you, Mike) starting at 7 central, and what a way to warm-up to Clemens than a come-from-behind bottom of the lineup led win.
Jason walkman Lane and Adam kris Everett rode high and might have that most important of uncle's on their side now, Uncle mo' (as in momentum).
Best of all, Lidgenator whiffed the side in the ninth and had a emphatic scowl and cheer reminiscent of the Eck afterwards.
For the rest of the season, all I can say about Garner's mustache, his moves, and the astros, is that the machine is ready to run.

I put in the gas, what else do you want?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The plan, it does take long

And what do you know sir?

The Twins knew Justin Morneau had success off Trevor Miller. Morneau was aware of it. This precise knowledge, this definite possible plan of Morneau became what those in baseball refer to as a go-ahead and eventual game-winning run. homerun. Appearantly Morneau is also aware that Miller throws a lot of curveballs. So he sat on that pitch.
Basically Morneau said he had a lot of confidence facing Miller because of a homerun last season, and the fact Miller throws a lot of curveballs. The matchup lays out 1-4, HR, 3 RBI, 2 K. Make that 2-5, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 2 K.

Not seen Miller pitch a ton, but if his curveball is basically awaiting a viking clubbing like his numbers suggest, at what point will the stache just abandon the lefty-lefty matchup because it is a lefty-lefty matchup? This league wide LaRussa started trend breaks my arm.
Here's Miller's career line. Let's burn it. ERA-WHIP-BAA = 4.63 1.58 .279. Splits on the career, vs. L its a 1.42 WHIP and .248 BAA and vs. R it goes 1.72 and .304. In 40 fewer innings, he's given up one more HR to lefties than righties. Eek.
Morneau sits at .243 against lefties and .282 against righties this year, and .218/.262 career.
Yes he is worse against lefties, about 4 hits out of 100 AB's worse.

I heard a story once that right handers can get out lefthanders. Are right-handed relievers completely terrible at getting out left-handed hitters? I hope not. Finally, praps gar's stache will avoid putting in Miller against Morneau again in this series. Or any other batters for that matter. True it was extra innings, and someone has to throw. And I actually do like Garner quit a bit as a manager, so don't take this as an attack on him.
Yet get a solid righty in there. I am not biased to like them just becuase Miller, and even Gallo, are left-handed and have at times had occasional success againt a decent percentage of left-handed batters. Yes I am being too hard on Miller, he has decent numbers. For a left-handed reliever. Almost. Praps I should teach my eventual one-day son to throw left-handed. He could give up a homerun to David Ortiz's son someday.

Oh, the Astros lost. Another game that looked like a win that the Open Faced Stars couldn't keep grasp of. No matter, the parts are almost clicking, grinding (clemenism) into a interlocking, fully functioning parts that should lead to production once the pieces align.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

dinger for burke

burke just reached the crawford boxes from 2nd in the line up. shows what i know.

berkman is 3rd and lamb 4th

and no lane. berkman in right. c'mon knees, hold up

Predicting Today's Lineup

A few notes about today's game... Radke vs. Roy-O

The Twins have won 7 in a row and are 9-1 over their last 10. Morneau (.375, 2 HR, 9 RBI in the last week) and Mauer (keeping his average around .380 still) have been tearing it up. The Astros will counter with their hot pair of Burke (.476 and 9 runs in the last week) and Lamb, but the question is... Will they play? Lamb's batting .358 against righties and has hit 4 of his 5 HR off them. Plus, everyone is hitting .344 off Radke this year so far. Hopefully they will both be in there.

I've got some time to kill today, and thought I'd try to divine who's batting where in tonight's game. A few spots should be set. With yesterday off, Biggio should be leading off still. Lamb has been rolling in the 2-hole. I read this morning on, "The Astros are 5-2 when Lamb bats second and 31-31 when anybody else is in the spot." Granted, that's a small sample size of Lamb in the 2-hole, but stick with what's been working.

Burke has been playing pretty consistently in June, and batting well in the 3-spot. He's also got the highest OBP on the team at .395. I went through all the games Burke has started and checked his average from each spot of the lineup. Surprisingly, he's batting better 6th (.297) than the 3-hole (.281). But if we are going by average alone, he's batting best at 7th (.625 ) over 2 starts. With his OBP like it is, he needs to be near the top of the lineup setting the table for RBI machines Berkman and Ensberg.

Burke's AVG by lineup spot
1 - 2 H/11 AB = .182
2 - 4 H/18 AB = .222
3- 9 H/32 AB = .281
6 - 8 H/27 AB = .297
7- 5 H/8 AB = .625

So, we've got Biggio, Lamb, Burke, Berkman, Ensberg. Either catcher, Ausmus or Munson, should bat 7th and Everett 8th.

That makes the debate today about Preston K Wilson IV vs Jason Lane for the 6th spot. Here's a little side-by-side look at their stats.

Preston -- .275/.312 OBP/.407 SLG/27 runs/71 Hits/13 BB/71 Ks
Jason -- .209/.345 OBP/.403 SLG/33 runs/40 Hits/38 BB/42 Ks

The general impression that I get from those lines is that this is a wash. Preston K has 31 more hits, but Jason is getting on base more often. You'd think the free-swinger would have a higher SLG or more HR, but SLG is the same, and Preston's got 7 dingers and Lane's got 10 (in 67 less at bats, no less). Vote for Lane. I say stick Lamb in Left, Lane in Right. Berkman at first, always at first. That leaves us with...

Biggio, 2B
Lamb, LF
Burke, CF
Berkman, 1B
Ensberg, 3B
Lane, RF
Ausmus, C
Everett, SS
Oswalt, P

We'll see what Garner's Moustache does

Monday, June 19, 2006

Not to Jim Rome ya...

Watching Adam Everett play is similiar to jazz. True fans apreciate the hell out of it, but for most, it's soothing yet unspectacular.
Though the SS has trouble getting through a regular season, he should have progressed more as as hitter by now. I see trends that are not good at all, some of which I've read Gaetti and Everett talked about, such as pulling for the Crawford porch.
If he wants to be Chris Everett (remember that slight?) at the plate, then at least he needs to accept it. He is not particularly strong, and though it is a huge stretch, let's use Ozzie Smith as a barometer here. The man knew he was a defensive wizard, like Everett. So Oz honed his craft, slapping the ball all over the field, into gaps, and using his speed. Once upon a time Everett used his wheels, too, but now he is never on base. If he would accept hitting only 2-3 HR's a year, Everett could use the loose body ready to slap the ball where it's pitched approach.
With his glove, Everett would be one of the best in the game if he catered to his strengths and just hit between .290 and .310, with 30+ doubles and 25 steals, 3 HR a season. Would anyone not enjoy him striding into the ball instead of yanking it to left or third or short so often?
Come on Adam, don't be a Chris at the plate, pretend the furthest you can hit the ball is 300 feet and start simply hitting.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Those are Mike Lamb's legs, simply not meant to support continuous running activity anymore.
OR so I believed, seeing him deteriorate at 3B, then only getting starts at 1B while Berkman goes to the OF. Lamb manned 3B for over a week, and did well. He can play the short porch in LF at the Juice Box (or is it the HGH Box now?).
It's between Lane and Lamb, really, and I'd rather have Lamb at first than Lane in right at this point. With Fat Elvis B (berkman) having a lot of OF experience, it makes sense. But I'd rather have Lamb's knees crap out than Fats. And I do love Fat Elvis B in the 4 hole, because he stretches the lineup, and gives the 2-3 hitters more to work with and moves Ensberg to 5 instead of either the walkman (lane) or the whiffman (PKW IV).
Yet why not Wilson in right and Fat Elvis B in left, where there is not much room to run around at least? Number of balls hit to each field during a game, perhaps. Many more balls in play in LF.
Oh, and it's Preston K Wilson IV, not III (which you fixed now).

Bored at work notes

Notes from today's game, while I'm bored at work... this may be a common post from me!

Today's Lineup:
Biggio, 2B
Lamb, 1B
Burke, CF
Berkman, RF
Ensberg, 3B
Preston K, LF
Ausmus, C
Everett, SS

I like today's lineup OK, with Lamb and Burke instead of Lane and Willy, and generally like Garner has been swapping the lineup around recently. They haven't been consistent on offense since the beginning of the season, and need to figure out what works. Burke in the 3 hole playing CF looks like fun! But why is Berkman playing in left? With Bagwell done, Berkman should be at 1B when he's in the lineup, stick Lamb in RF. Or put Preston in right and the Lamb in left, at least at home. Don't need Berkman's knee crapping out while chasing down a double. For cereal. Preston K Wilson IV has already struck out once today~

(1.57pm) Burke just got his 2nd double of the day off the top of the wall in left-center. He's got the only 2 hits for the team today so far.

(2.15pm) Just got back from my break, and Preston K hit a HR. Well, damn, maybe we want Preston K in there...? I guess.

(2.25pm) Former 7th round draft pick by the Houston Astros, John Buck, hits a HR off Pettitte to tie it up (he was part of the Beltran trade), and then Duckworth hits a double. No one out. Hopefully the Rocket will light a fire under Pettitte's ass when he comes back later this week. Looks like he may need it.

(2.29 pm) Burke misplays a fly ball in center and turns
a Grudzielanek sac fly into an RBI double. KC takes the lead, good, good...

(2.32pm) Then... SHIT! Reggie Sanders hits a 2 run HR. KC's up 4-1 now, and it looks like Pettitte's falling apart... the Royals... really? He gets out of the inning with 4 runs on 4 hits.

(2.42pm) Berkman singles and Ensberg walks. Guess who's' up? Preston K!

(2.45pm) Garner and a trainer visit Berkman at 2nd base, hamstring or something? Not a good sign. Then there's a past ball and we get to see the replay of Berkman shuffling to 3rd. Get him outta the OF! Preston sacrifices to get the run. There's a productive out, Preston. Good job!

(2.53pm) Berkman's legs are definitely bothering him as he snags a fly ball in right. First base, Phil, and first base only. They are going to need his bat in the lineup as often as possible. Put him at first and tell him to never move.

(3.07pm) Biggio got hit by Burke's foul ball in the ass while at 3rd, kinda funny. Then Burke doubles again, to score Biggio for the tie! They showed a stat when Elmer Dessens came in for Duckworth worth noting... He has 8 loses, leading the league for loses for a reliever. good stuff. tie ball game

(3.41pm) After a few non-eventful innings, Mientkiewicz hits a 3run HR off Qualls into the 2nd row in right field. The Royals, dammit, and Doug Mientkiewicz for christ's sake.

(3.44pm) Not surprisingly, that's all for Qualls. Wheeler's in to end the inning. 3 Runs, 2 Hits. 7-4 Royals.

(3.50pm) Bottom 9, down by 3. Orlando flies out. Biggio goes down on strikes. Lamb flies out. Game over...

The Royals took 2 of 3 from the Astros at home. Each game the winning team scored 7 runs.

Next up is the most anticipated Astros series all year. An interleague series against the Twins. Here's a quick look at the matchups....

Tuesday: Brad Radke (5-7, 5.83 ERA) vs Oswalt (6-3, 3.21 ERA)
Wednesday: Carlos Silva (3-8, 7.07 ERA) vs Wandy (8-4, 4.59 ERA)
Thursday: Francisco Liriano (6-1, 2.16 ERA) vs Roger Clemens

Of course eveybody's looking forward to Roger's debut Thursday. I've got special interest because I've got Roger and Liriano on my fantasy team. Liriano has been tearing it up since he moved to the Twins rotation and I can't help but start them both hoping that both offenses take a dump and they get 8 IP, 12 Ks each and both win. Totally going to happen, right?

weekend in chicago

so, I spent the week in Chicago, especially to see the Astros/Cubs series at Wrigley. Check out some pictures from the trip if you want. We only got to watch the last few innings of the Tuesday night blow out, but were in Wrigley for the Wednesday night game and Thursday day game. They completed the sweep of the crying cubbies. Awesome!

Burke looked awesome, and got to play in all 3 games. I have picked up him in all of my fantasy leagues, hoping that he will get to play everyday. Biggio will rest once a week or so, and Burke should sub in there and in the outfield every other day for Preston K Wilson IV or Lane. He's been a spark plug for the offense and needs to be in there. Phil, you and your moustache better make this happen.

I had been a proponent of putting Burke at SS for Everett, but he just made a nice double play turn to end the 2nd, and as much as I don't want his bat in the line up, he needs to be playing.

Turning to Preston K Wilson IV. I am checking stats and he's struck out 70 times already and walked only 13 times. 10th on the team for on base %. He is 2nd on the team in hits, but c'mon, Burke and/or Bruntlett need some more ABs.

Ok, that's all for now. back to work, I guess

some notes from habeab...

until habeab joins up, here's some notes i got from him via email...

"last night's game, garner's mustache made 2 weird moves.
first, man on 3rd, one out, 8th hitter up, pitcher on deck. does he walk said hitter for a DP try and pitcher up? No, so when 8th hitter grounds out, runner scores and now pitcher is up. durrr.
secondly, um i cant remember, but i remember last night i thought it was simply retarded. yup."

i didn't watch the game, but am watching today's game at work. pettite got thru 1 so far. looking good. better damn beat the royals. when we gonna damn get the hell outta here? damn, chips


testies, testies, one, two... three?