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Windmills Do Not Work That Way!

The Astros cannot "solve" their "problems" with a quick free agaent signing.

See Also: Toronto Bjays, Texas Wranglers, Chicago litte harmless cublings, and all the rest that I did not mention but would support my arguement. Support!

Just as windmills do NOT cool off the Earth, one grandiose slugger does not equal alls well. Nor does adding another "veteran" bat. See Preston K. Wilson, IV.

The Astros need to stick with what works. They got the arms. They got bats. Well, yeah, kind of. I spose.

They got the bats because Chris Burke is good for 500 ABs. Mike BLamb another 250-400. Biggio 300-400 probly. And of course Lance, Ausmus, Everett, Willy T, Luke Scott. Those five will be in the opening day lineup 2007. If not, well, I know absolutely nothing about anything that could possbily pertain to a baseball related topic. Not at all.

Carlos Lee would fit in very well in that Houston clubhouse.
Even though the White Sox gave up on him.
And the Brewers.
And now the Rangers.....

Soriano? No. Alex Rodriguez? not likely. Eric Chavez? Yes. (hey why not?)

For the first time, I see. I do see.

McLane has built a winning franchise.

Now the hard part: sustaining.

Trust? Who> Tim Purpura? Hunsicker? Someone.

Of course, the Astros can do it.

In 2007.

and now, the synopsis, but of course!!
(Well not yet)

go Al gore! we need to defend the planet against pollution.
and wizards!
blame the wizards!!