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That's a pretty sight! I shouldn't really have to say much else. They won their 9th in a row and the Cardinals dropped another. Hell, even the Reds are still technically in it.

One half game behind the NL Central lead, can you feel it now? The Astros are officially 3 games over .500. We've got ourselves a race people.
I only got to see the final few innings of the game yesterday, but Roy pitched well, scattering 4 hits over 7 innings, and recording an BB RBI in the 5th. The Astros' 3 hits and 4 walks were enough to move another step closer.

The Cards got all beat up by the Brewers last night, 9-4. Preston K Wilson IV was the offensive star last night for the Cards. He went
2/4 with 3 RBI and 2 Ks

If the Cardinals have to rely on Preston t
o provide the offensive spark for the team, that's terrible and highly humorous. I mean could this be any more perfect? The guy the Astros booted playing for the team they're up against, and despite playing well, they're still getting beat.

Go brews!!!!
Tonight's Matchups
Clemens (7-5, 2.35, 95, 29) vs Chuck James (10-4, 3.94, 83, 45)
Chris Capuano (11-11, 3.87, 172, 44) vs. Jeff Weaver (7-14, 5.79, 105,46)

The pit
ching matchups favor all the right teams today. Clemens start should almost be an automatic victory at this point with the way the team has been playing. As for Chris Capuano, he was one of the best pitcthers in the first half (10-4, 3.21 ERA) but has gone 1-7 with a 4.84 ERA since the break. We need him to come up with a solid Dubya to get the Astros in the lead.

Did we mention that Roy should get the CY and Lance the MVP?
OH, and there was a shutout last night too, but the good kind this time. Heeeeere's Walter!