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15 innings for the win last night, and they're still 1.5 games back. No gound gained or lost last night because Bochy sure botched that one for the Padres.

St Louis's Magic Number is now 4, with 5 games left. Which means that regardless of what the Astros do, if the Cards win their remaining 4 games against the Brews, they're in. That powerless feeling sucks...

I'm sending good vibes to everyone in Milwaukee because the fate of the Astros ultimately rests in their hands. Sure, the Astros pretty much have to win out, but if the Brews can't take 1 or 2 games from the Cardinals, it won't matter.

BOO Cardinals, and much love to The Brews.
Beat 'em up Brews!!!

Garner spent ~8 years as Brewers Manager (1992 through most of 1999). Maybe he should put a call into Ned Yost and inform him that pitching to Pujols with the game on the line is MURDER and to avoid it like, well, murder. Simply Murderous...

Damn, I've never hoped so hard for a win by the fuckin-Brewers.


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