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Play In-Round One (The NLPI Series)

I want to see this smiley face for at least two more weeks.

There are few people who have the entire state of Texas' hatred.
Francisco Cabrera, welcome to the club.
You gave the St. Louis Cardinals a victory today after Ben Sheets and Jeff Cirillo had won the game for the Milwaukee Brewers.

They didn't want you in Arlington, Houston now wishes you nothing but scabs and influenza. Milwaukee may not be too fond of you anymore either.
So praps you lofted one right over the heart of the plate to Scott Spezio today.
After being up 1-2 in the count.

Break a slider! He already whiffed at one.

The 'Stache goes to Andy Pettitte in a must-win tonight in Atlanta.
The 'Stros know that nothing matters except winning tonight.

Then tomorrow. So long as St. Louis is playing in San Francisco or Houston on Monday, it's a victorious season.
These next two games at Atlanta are the play-in round of the NLDS.
The National League Play In Series if you will.
This is Round One. And it's a two-game series right now, so let's win out boys!